Cheng Ming USA

Cheng Ming USA was formed in 1994 to represent the International Cheng Ming Martial Arts Association in the United States. Our mission is to follow in the work of the other worldwide branches in passing down the lineage of Great-Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin.

The International Cheng Ming Martial Arts Association, which is headquartered in Taiwan, recognizes Cheng Ming USA as a direct-lineage branch. In the short time that Cheng Ming USA has been in existence, we have been fortunate in expanding beyond Texas and now have US branches currently teaching in Fairfax, Virginia; Annandale, Virginia; and College Station, Texas.

Cheng Ming USA was formed by Master Eric Hung. Born on February 15, 1973 in Nan Tou, Tsao Tun, on the island of Taiwan, Eric began his martial arts training in 1980, at the age of 7, studying judo.

In 1983, at the age of 10, Eric Hung began training with Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai. In the beginning, Grandmaster Wang would only teach Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation) to Eric. Through perseverance and a humble character, Eric was eventually taught Hsing-I Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan, and Ba Gua Zhang by Grandmaster Wang and continues to learn and train in these martial arts with Grandmaster Wang to this day.

In 1991, Eric Hung traveled to Paris, France with Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai. This would mark the first time Eric ever assisted in teaching a seminar. Eric also began teaching in the U.S. at local parks and Chinese schools.

In 1994, Eric Hung began assisting Grandmaster Wang with the annual Goshku seminar held in Israel and has continued to do so every year since then. During this time, Eric also became Chief Instructor for the University of Texas at Arlington Kungfu Club while still an undergraduate student. Eric Hung’s teaching experience includes

In 1995, Eric Hung became an Indoor Student directly under Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai and was allowed to begin training Cheng Ming Ba Gua Zhang. Eric began grooming his first group of core students that continue to train with him to this day. 

In 1998, Eric Hung became an Inroom Student and was allowed to begin training in the most advanced level of Cheng Ming Ba Gua Zhang. Eric also opened his first official school in Garland, Texas. Eric Hung also became heavily involved in assisting Grandmaster Wang teach in the U.S.

In 2000, Eric Hung initiated his first group of Indoor students at the headquarters in Garland. This milestone achievement helped to solidify Cheng Ming USA in Texas and accelerate the growth of the school.

In 2003, Eric Hung moved Cheng Ming USA headquarters from Garland, Texas to Plano, Texas and initiated his second group of Indoor students.

In 2005, Eric Hung initiated his third and most recent group of Indoor students and continued teaching both at the Cheng Ming USA headquarters and by invitation from schools and city programs.

In 2008, Eric Hung moved Cheng Ming USA headquarters to a brand new facility in North Plano as the continued growth and success of the school drives the need to push forward.