Internal Arts

Our school teaches traditional Chinese internal martial arts of the Zhong Nan lineage. These martial arts - Hsing-I Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang - were passed down from Great-Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin. Great-Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin also passed down a Tai Chi Chuan form which incorporates his Hsing-I and Ba Gua and is recognized as our Cheng Ming Tai Chi Chuan.

After Great-Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin passed away, his recognized successor, Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai, created the International Cheng Ming Martial Arts Association using Great-Grandmaster Wang’s given nickname, “Cheng Ming”, which means “moral and righteous understanding”. The International Cheng Ming Martial Arts Association serves to honor the memory of Great-Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin by carrying out the duty of passing down his lineage to future generations.



The International Cheng Ming Martial Arts Association is currently the only martial arts organization officially recognized by the government of The Republic of Taiwan. Since its inception, the association has grown world-wide and has branches in Japan, Israel, Australia, Europe, Argentina and the United States.


Cheng Ming USA is dedicated to training serious students in the internal martial arts of Great-Grandmaster Wang Shu Jin. As our schools continue to expand, we will endeavor to continually update and improve the quality of this site with added content and information. Thank you for your interest and please visit the site again soon.